How to apply natural makeup simply at your home

Wearing makeup for any occasion, celebration or party is the current trend followed by almost all men and women. As compared to males, the females are very much interested in wearing the makeup in order to enhance their overall look. Due to the harsh sunlight, weather condition, environmental pollution and a lot of other reasons, your face will look dull in the different situations. In order to get rid of all these issues, it is always crucial to wear makeup to get gorgeous look at all the times. Similarly, some of the girls don’t want to get the totally artificial look in their face because they want to expose the natural beauty of them. For such kinds of girls, the following are the most considerable tips in order to get the natural makeup for the natural look.apply natural makeup

Steps to apply natural makeup:

Step 1: In the first step, you have to completely clean your face using the luke-warm water in order to remove the dirt, dead skin cells, previous makeup and everything. After this cleaning process, it is always essential to use the cotton ball to rub the skin for removing the older makeup and completely clean up your skin. Then, it is vital applying the moisturizer on your face according to your skin tone and skin type. When your skin have any problems like black heads and black spots, it is essential to exfoliate your skin better.

Step 2:  Now, you have to apply the concealer to any blemishes and also around the eyes but it should be done before applying the foundation cream on your face. It will be highly helpful to keep the foundation to the minimal amount. At the same time, it would be helpful to hold the makeup for many hours probably up to 8 hours.

Step 3: In the next step, you can apply foundation cream first on the oily parts of the face and spread it throughout the entire face. According to your skin type, it is always essential to choose the best foundation color which perfectly matches your needs.

Step 4: Then, it is essential to apply the bronzer to your face in order to get the natural glow.

Few more steps to apply natural makeup:

Step 5: After these makeup options, then you have to start applying the eye makeup to line the upper eye lash line with the black, brown or grey color pencil. When you would like to make the eyes looking larger, it is advisable to use the white eyeliner.

Step 6: It is better using the two different shades of the eye shadows for getting highly professional and natural look. You can use brown, gold or silver color shades of the eye shadows for your perfect makeup purpose.

Step 7: Curling your eye lashes is also very important using the only one layer of the high quality mascara. It is always vital using the smudge free mascara to give natural look while attending any party of event.

Step 8: At the end, you should need to apply the lip color which is suitable for your natural makeup. Don’t go for the too light or too dark color and light pink is the most suitable color for the natural makeup.

The top natural tips for better hair care

 Now days, both men and women have so many hair problems such as hair fall, silver hair, dandruff, and so on. As compared to men, women are mostly struggling with the different hair problems. These kinds of hair fall, dandruff, silver hair, and etc occur due to various reasons such as age, pollution, chemicals in hair cosmetics, hormone imbalance, and more. Anything it is very essential to provide special care to your hair. Here are the few important, natural, and effective tips for your better hair care.

Hair Care

Top tips for hair care:

  • Apple cider vinegar – Many people are struggling with the rough hair which would not be suitable for any type of hairstyle. When you want soft and bouncy hair, you can make use of the mix of apple cider vinegar and warm water to be applied to your hair. Leave it for 5 minutes to set on the hair and rinse it off.
  • Baking soda – Today, most of the individuals are using the readymade shampoos to wash the hair. They might create more hair problems so it is significant to remove the excess shampoo to product your hair. You can use 3 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with the water to set on the hair and rinse it off after 5 minutes.
  • Gourd juice – If you have one or more gourd at home, take it enough amounts and exact the gourd juice to apply on the hair. Keep it on the hair for half an hour and then wash it off.

Other hair care tips:

  • Olive oil – The olive oil treatment is really the best option for all types of hair. It is really the suitable choice of hair care treatment for conditioning your hair in order to get the shiny look. Combination of olive oil with honey is also very effective to use on your hair.
  • Amla – When you are struggling with the excess hair fall problems, it is essential to use the amla on your hair. You can take amla powder and mix it with the castor oil and one full egg to make the smooth mixture and apply on your hair. You have to set it for about 30 minutes and rinse it off.
    Avoid hot water – Many persons have a habit of regularly rinsing their hair using hot water. It is essential to avoid hot water for your hair because it will dry your scalp and weaken the hair.

Basic technique to apply eye makeup easily



Eye makeup

The main purpose of applying eye makeup is to make your eyes look too brighter. Many girls wonder what eye shadow they wear with the particular eye color. Eye makeup for ladies can define how dramatic or how natural your look is. If you wish to learn how to do eye makeup, there are different ways to apply makeup for your eyes. Among them, here are the simple steps to do basic technique for the eye makeup.

  1. Start with the clean slate – First of all, you need to clean your face using the gentle cleanser or makeup wipe before starting eye makeup application.
  2. Even your skin tone in surrounding areas of eyes – You can make concealer application to the dark eye circles and to all other areas of your eyes around.
  3. Apply eye shadow – You can make use of one color or several to apply eye shadow according to your preference. The basic three color plan is explained here for the basic eye makeup technique.
  4. You can apply average color on the eyelid, apply the light eye color on the brow bone, and then you need to apply the dark eye color on the crease. The users need to use light and little strokes in order to deposit the small bits of dark powder on your crease of the eyes.
  5. Mix the colors – If you have applied multiple colors for the eye shadow, you can use the fingers or the fluffy to gently blend those colors to mix well. It will create the most natural and also consistent look.
  6. Use eyeliner – You can as well as use the liquid based eyeliner, wet eye shadow, or a liner pencil on the angled brush in order to line your eyes. Whatever you choose, you need to move across the upper lash line in little and controlled strokes. 



The most recommended tips to have glowing face

Every woman likes to be attractive day after day. However, they have failed to identify the best suitable approaches for enhancing their beauty further. They have to keep focusing on how they can improve their skin health. If they listen to the following details, then they can make a good decision about how to get the most beautiful face.

Tips to have glowing face

Identify the skin type

The first step for enhancing your attractiveness is to find out your skin tone.  The amount of melanin in the skin determines the skin tone.  Once you have ensured your skin tone, you can take note of relevant remedies and heal your skin health problems.

Women who have oily skin nowadays have to maintain a healthy diet. They have to avoid junk foods and oily foods. If they keep their face clean t all times, then they can keep away from acne and excessive oiliness.

Sufferers of dry skin these days have to avoid using hot water while bathing.  They have to apply the most suitable moisturizer soon after they leave the shower. If they use the soft towel and pat their skin dry after a bath, then they can improve their skin health easily.

You may have a combination of dry and oily skin type.  You can cure your skin health problems when you keep your face as clean as possible regularly. Choose and use the right moisturizer in a proper way.


A woman who has done cleansing in a proper way does not fail to look good.  In general, our skin gets exposed to pollution these days. Cleansing is the best option to maintain the radiance of the skin.


Exfoliating is the most recommended method to remove old dead skin completely. You have to scrub your face and other parts of the body by using a high quality skin scrubber and exfoliate properly.

Face Mask

You can prefer the best suitable face mask made of natural ingredients like fruits and improve your beauty.  An ideal face mask does not fail to remove impurities from your skin. A natural face mask tightens pores and hydrates skin without any negative side effect.


Toning is a good choice when you have geared up for lowering the pH level of your skin and wipe out existing oil and dirt in the face.  Natural toners like green tea and cucumber juice give the most expected result for all users.

An effective guidance to buy the best makeup mirror

Women, who wish to apply the cosmetics to enhance their fairness, need a compact mirror in their hand. However, in some cases, an actual mirror would not be a right choice for it. As an alternative, they can use the makeup mirror, which is positioned on a stand. It is a two side mirror and hinged on its each side. The one side of the mirror can be used to spot & cover the blemishes and the other side is normal magnification. The users can find different types of makeup mirrors and it is very helpful to them while applying makeup. The lighting environment is also important for the makeup and some of the types have glowing lights on each side.

Makeup Mirror

The users can adjust the light setting for the environments like evening, day and night. The lighted makeup mirrors are very popular because a good lighting can enhance the applications of cosmetics. Basically, the makeup mirrors are encased in a plastic stand and it can be purchased from the cosmetic showrooms. The users can adjust the height of the makeup mirror and it can be conveniently used in various places. By comparing different models of makeup mirrors in the online platforms, the users can buy right one, which meets their expectation.

Types of Makeup mirrors:

It is available in different styles and sizes in the market. So, the users should choose a best model that suits with their life style and fairness routine. However, the Magnifying and the lighten mirrors are the most famous models. The larger mirrors can be purchased for general purpose and the compact makeup mirrors are used while travelling and for daily touch-ups.

1. Magnifying Mirrors

It is an apt tool for the detailed works like multiple shades, eyeliner, lip liner which requires the delicate blending in the mirror. These touch-ups can be applied using the magnifying mirror and it provides best results. The women with poor eyesight should remove their spectacles before applying makeup with this tool. It has 15 and 20x magnification, which is expensive.

2. Lighten Mirrors

It is a best make-up mirror with lights on its edges or in the reflective surface. The light source of the mirror is consistent and it can eliminate the shadows while applying makeup. However, the users are advised to check their makeup with natural light after applying it using lighted mirror.

3. Stationary Mirrors

The users can find adjustable stands in this tool and it provides the swivel features for the convenience. Women no need to hold the mirror because the stand does the job, which is a main advantage of stationary mirror.

4. Accessory mirrors

It is a compact mirror, which can be separately purchased. It is convenient for reviewing the touch-ups and in travel

5. Handheld Mirror

It is an essential mirror, which help the women to verify the application of cosmetics. The coloration can be checked using different angels of the mirror. The best quality of handheld mirror helps the users to view their face without any distortion.

Tips to choose the best makeup mirror:

Lighted makeup mirror

  • Choosing the best lighted makeup mirror or any other models is not complicated. However, the users should consider its standards like distortion free magnification and clear. Without a proper makeup mirror, women cannot feel the complete fairness. So, the users are highly recommended to consider the given ideas to find a best one that suits for their need.
  • Choosing right magnification: It ranges from 15 to 20x and the preference should be based how closely the users want to see their face. The higher magnification provides the close view and the users who aren’t desired for such facility can own 5x or 8x mirrors. The good magnification level reduces the need of wearing contact lenses or glasses while applying makeup.
  • Ensure your light resource: An ideal lightening is so important and the users can purchases the lighted mirrors, if their room didn’t have enough natural light sources. The halo lighted mirror is the good choice, which is surrounded by the lights on its entire surface. However, it will not produce any glare.
  • Spot to place the mirror: The users should choose the mirror type after considering its spot. For example if they are purchasing the wall-mounted mirror, then it can be placed in their bedroom. The makeup mirrors are available in different shapes such as oval, square, and traditional round. So, based on its usage, the users should place the mirror on a right spot for convenience.
  • Effective usage: One side of the magnification mirror is good for applying the eye makeup and the zero magnification is used to view the face. So, women are advised to flip the mirror to review their makeup after its completion.
  • Similarly, women should understand that the lighting will differ by environments. The room light is different from the office lighting. However, the lighted makeup mirror let the women to adjust the light settings. So, they can apply makeup based on various environments such as Daylight, Evening, Office, Night and etc.

Benefits of using makeup mirror:

A good research is required to find best makeup mirror with lights or other models. So, women are advised to consider the given ideas for having a best tool that enhances their fairness. They can do makeup using the actual mirrors but it will have very low magnification. They cannot apply the proper coating for their face and it may lead to uneven makeup.

Compact mirror

So, women should avoid such methods and need to apply the makeup using only the above given types. The price of the makeup mirrors will differ by its brand, sizes and by its clarity. It is clear that the best models will be always expensive. However, it let them to apply makeup for any environment and long lasts for several years. Based on the usage, women should buy vanity or wall-mounted makeup mirrors. The makeup mirror is an inevitable tool for applying the best makeup to increase the fairness.