Tips to frame a bathroom mirror easily

Many people seek how to frame a bathroom mirror these days. They have bought an attention-grabbing bathroom mirror. However, they do not know how to frame it perfectly. You can focus on the following step by step instructions. You will be comfortable to frame your bathroom mirror as planned.

Frame bathroom mirror

Measure your mirror and choose an ideal frame style

You have to be aware about the size of your mirror. Once you have done it, contact a home improvement store and have materials cut correctly. You have to select the best suitable frame style. 

Prepare the area where you place the mirror

You have to get the required materials like caulk, level, latex paint, paint brush, extra-fine sanding pad, painter’s tape, tack cloth, drop cloth, extra-strength wood glue, panelling adhesive, tape measure and other things.  Lay out the total lengths of trim on the working surface.


You have to add latex paint extender properly. This is advisable to minimize the brush strokes and maximize drying time. Do not fail to paint the back side of this trim and its edges.

Paint trim and sand

Now, you can paint front-sides and its edges.  Let them dry for a couple of hours.  You can make use of sanding pad to sand surfaces lightly. Clean it properly by using a tack cloth.

Glue and caulk

You have to glue lengths of the baseboard. Bear in mind that forming the top frame with maximum strength of wood glue is very important. Press pieces of this item together firmly. Let it dry for a few hours.  Use caulk beside seam joints and smoothen caulk line correctly. Wipe away excess caulk immediately. Let it dry for an hour.

Touch up paint and second coat of paint   

Once the caulk has dried, apply touch up paint along joints. Apply the paint again over the trim’s fronts and sides. Let it dry for a day before you install it.

Install the frame and position it

Apply enough paneling adhesive on the wall where you place the frame. Place the frame onto the adhesive and make sure about the proper alignment in every angle. Use clean release tape to secure the frame in its place.  Do the same steps for installing trim’s two side pieces.

Caulk joints and touch up paint

Check every joint where the trim meets. Make adjustments if necessary. Use caulk along the gaps at joints and let it dry for an hour. Apply the touch up paint.