Basic technique to apply eye makeup easily



Eye makeup

The main purpose of applying eye makeup is to make your eyes look too brighter. Many girls wonder what eye shadow they wear with the particular eye color. Eye makeup for ladies can define how dramatic or how natural your look is. If you wish to learn how to do eye makeup, there are different ways to apply makeup for your eyes. Among them, here are the simple steps to do basic technique for the eye makeup.

  1. Start with the clean slate – First of all, you need to clean your face using the gentle cleanser or makeup wipe before starting eye makeup application.
  2. Even your skin tone in surrounding areas of eyes – You can make concealer application to the dark eye circles and to all other areas of your eyes around.
  3. Apply eye shadow – You can make use of one color or several to apply eye shadow according to your preference. The basic three color plan is explained here for the basic eye makeup technique.
  4. You can apply average color on the eyelid, apply the light eye color on the brow bone, and then you need to apply the dark eye color on the crease. The users need to use light and little strokes in order to deposit the small bits of dark powder on your crease of the eyes.
  5. Mix the colors – If you have applied multiple colors for the eye shadow, you can use the fingers or the fluffy to gently blend those colors to mix well. It will create the most natural and also consistent look.
  6. Use eyeliner – You can as well as use the liquid based eyeliner, wet eye shadow, or a liner pencil on the angled brush in order to line your eyes. Whatever you choose, you need to move across the upper lash line in little and controlled strokes.