6 Perfect Fashion Routines to Keep

1. Decided what to be wear the day before

Fashion is not magic. There is no woman who instantly becomes pretty and stylist without hard work and dedication, well except for Cinderella of course. All the "trending" lady usually prepared their wardrobe for the next day before going to bed to avoid last minutes incident.

2. Dedicate a specific time to be ready

This is a 2 in 1 with the above habit. Waking up with a ready-to-wear outfit will help you from losing too much time to "think" and remember your intention. This will also save you some spare time to do a final check and add in a few accessory if need.

3. Be inspired with the latest trend from fashion icons

Following and be inspired from fashionistas will always help your style image. Nowadays, this process is so much easier with Instagram or Pinterest. A few minutes a day reading these new feed will help you tremendously on what to wear .

4. Dress accordingly

Always keep in mind the event dress-code and prepare your outfit to match. It's important to be in style but also be fit in too. It's outrageous to wear a mini body dress to a conservative event or a glittery golden skirt to a 2 years old birthday party.  Something with wearing casual and all conservative to a dance party.

Dress accordingly

5. Do not wear the wrong size or wrinkle

We all have something like a shorten jean after wash or a color-mesh skirt that can't be save in the back of our closet that we can't seem to just throw away for some reason. Don't wear them, let them be where they are, in the furthest place of the closet as a reminder to be careful on your next wash.

6. Respect individuality

The real fashionistas don't bend before new style. They will always have on hand some classic items and find way to mix & match them into new unique combination. This will save lot of money while helping you to be "new" and in-style season to season